Just like MAC, but cheaper! (01)

So I know how us makeup lovers just can't get enough of MAC.
Their super pigmented colors drive us crazy, and leave our wallets empty.
But I've found a way to stop that.~ :)
I've found colors in cheaper makeup brands that work just as well, and will leave you with extra cash!
Today I will be comparing Milani 06 Atlantis & NYX 111 Irises to MAC Electric Eel.

This is what the colors looks like on skin/my hand.
This is what they looks like on you eye compared to MAC Electric Eel.

As you can see, the colors are just as bright and beautiful as MAC Electric Eel.
On Milani's website, Atlantis is only $4.00 ; I got mine a Walgreens, but the price was a little higher
.On NYX's website, Irises is $5.50 ; I got mine at a grocery store for about $5.

So I hope this helps someone out who just really can't afford MAC.
I will be doing more 'Just like MAC, but cheaper!' posts as time goes on. c:

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