So yesterday I got to go visit my honey.♥
It was sooo nice to get to see him~!
My mom went along to so it was a family hangout day.
This is what I looked like:

When we got there I gave Tre' the scrapbook, he loved it.
I was so happy! He gave me a big hug and told me he felt the crying! ( ; // ; )
It was so cute, I was like melting.~
We went to a Sanford Mall and ate at Chilli's.
I got my nails done why we were there with my mother.
I'm just going to say, never go to World Spa. (I'm pretty sure that's what it was called)
My nails look shitty. ;A; But I'm in the process of making them cute.
The guy who did mine put all the wrong sizes on my nails for you can see parts of my real nail.
I will live though, I just need to cute them up! :D
Before dropping off Tre' we went to a Halloween store.
I tried of a latex pink nurse outfit, but I didn't like how it was latex too much. ;n;
I want to find a nice cloth nurse outfit like the one I have now but in pink.

Tre' tried the hat on, its was so adorable. ( * u * )

When I had to leave Tre' I was almost in tears. D:
I don't like being apart from him, but we plan to look at apartments soon, so we'll see how things go.
We are going to get a price range to see how much we need to save up. :)
I already have $600 saved~.

My Cosmetolgy Exam is tomorrow, I'm dying. ;________________;


  1. Youre super cute and so is your outfit and your blog!

  2. @shineyglam
    Awe! Thankyou so much~! <3