Picture post + new SHINee MV teaser

So today I took some new pictures. c:
I'm thinking about making a tutorial on this makeup, y/n?

So omg, have you guys seem the new SHINee teaser?
The boys look so adorable! ;U;♥
And it sounds like its going to be good.
I almost melted at Onew's part.


  1. I love your hair and make up♥

    Aw, SHINee is sweet again! I'm going to miss the epicness that was Lucifer and Taemin's weave, lol! But this song looks like it will be great!

  2. Your long hairrrr. <333 It looks so good on you, and you look different!

    I hate to sound like a poop, but I like the old SHINee more. ;-; but girl I still love and enjoy their Lucifer album. And man, Jonghyun always fucking looks hot. *A* I keep staring at him from this vid!