Goodbye 2010~!

★New Years Resolutions★

☆Lose weight!
I've been wanting to lose weight all year, but never put the effort I need to into doing it. The most I lost this year was 5-6lbs, which is pretty sad. I want to eat better and actually go to the gym, I have a membership after all! It's finally time I felt comfortable with my body, I've been waiting.
☆Save money!
This year I have also talked about saving money to move out, but that hasn't happened. Istill have as much saved up as I did at the beggining of the year, nothing. I'm really looking forward to it just being Tre' and I, so it's about time I saved up for it.
☆Draw more!
This year I seemed to lose all my drive to draw. I really hate it. Drawing has always been a huge part of my life but I've been letting it slip away.
☆Work on my skin!
Contrary to what you may think, my skin is almost never clear. I want to work on keeping it healthy, clean, and clear.
☆Create and sell things!
I've been thinking about making items and selling them for awhile, now that I've started and Etsy account, I think it's about time I did.
☆Stay positive!
Through 2010 I've had a hard time stay positive, it's been a hard year, but I have to keep my head up! I can't let every little thing get me down.
☆Work towards my dreams!
I need to work harder to achieve my dreams! I really need to go get my Cos. lisence so I can work at MAC and finally do something I really love.
☆Practice makeup more!
I've been slacking on my makeup towards the end of this year. I need to expirement and try new things! I've been wanting to dabble into special effects makeup, so it's time I did so.

I hope everyone's 2011 will be better than 2010~!

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