Honey. ♡

I hope everyone has been doing well.
Today I did my hair and makeup differently.
I wanted to look more gyaru-ish, though I failed, haha.
I think if I would have had a nice pair of circle lenses they would have made it look better.
My makeup looked a lot better in real life. ;A;
Here is how I looked/what I wore:

Next I took some pictures with Tre'.

He is so cute!

I'm so lucky!


Tonight I'm changing my hair a bit. :3
It will be purple, blue, teal, and black.
I can't stand the ugly light-blue color that is in it now. D:
I may have pictures of it up tomorrow, we will see!


  1. You're so lovely *__* The make up looks great but yeah circle lenses would make a difference. I want a pair too.

    You got to see Tre' hooray!

  2. I think a nice thick pair of fake upper lashes would work just fine instead of circle lenses! Lashes are a must for gyaru :D cant wait to see your new hair!

  3. I think that hair color looks marvelous on you ^_^ but teal is going to make your complection look even more porcelain <3 you're so pretty :D

  4. I can't wait to see you with these colors! *-*
    The photos are really nice. > O <!
    You are so pretty *-*
    I find your make-up really nice!♥

  5. @Nachi
    No, you are! :3
    I had a pair, but they are too old, I need a nice new pair.
    PLUS, I have to find a pair that look good on lighter colored eyes. ;A;
    Yesssss, he's been here since last week. <3

    Yes, yes! :D
    I actually was wearing a thick pair of lashes, like I said, my makeup just didn't show up as well in pictures. ;n;

    Thankyou so much! c:

    Thankyou darling!:D

  6. Pshh-- I can totally see the gyaru influence on your ensemble. :]] It's rather lovely-- that jacket looks rather sharp on you.

    And those tights... soo opaque and vibrant. <33