Weight loss.

So, I know I've talked about weight loss and lossing weight of my blog before, but it's a new year, and I'm tired of not liking my body.
Starting after I can go shopping next, I'm changing my diet.
Right now, I eat a lot of frozen means, and most of those meals are pizza of some kind.
That isn't the shit I need to be eating to be a healthier me!
Oh, and it's not just about the weight loss anymore, I actually want to be healthy. :3
Anyways, I'm going to start cooking all my meals, or eating healthy things that don't include frozen pizza.
I already made a list of some healthy meals I want to make. c:
I also want to start cooking with more groud turkey because it is healthy and tastes good, so turkey burgers, here I come!
So this is currently what my body looks like:

( Q ^ Q ) Ick!
Last time I weighed myself, I was somewhere between 160-161lbs.
I hope to get in the 140s.
And I don't want to hear, "Omg Leena, you would be too skinny, blah,blah,blah!"
My mother is 5"11 (2 inches taller than me) and she is in the 140s and looks thin and healthy, so it's not a crazy goal.
I hope that everyone will suppost me in my journey to love myself and my body.♥


  1. I'm here to support you :D If you want to talk and share advice and stuff, I'm up for it :] Or if you even want to know stuff that I've been doing. I lost 10 lbs and you should see my before and after pictures of it x ___x'

  2. Heh I'm on the weight loss train with you hun. I've already lost 50lbs. It's hard, but the best bit of advice I can give you is it takes 21 days to make a new habit. If you can last 21 days you'll be able to do it everyday from then on. Also walk! Don't start off with hard exercise either. The best thing you could ever do to your body is walk. I walk 20-30 minutes everyday and so far it's worked out for me, and we're about the same weight/height.

  3. Girl, I know. I was going to blog something similar to this. I've been off the bandwagon for weeks now. ;_____;

    But hey, check this thing out.