Shopping post!

Hello everyone, its been awhile since I posted last.
Yesterday I went to Orlando to go shopping with my mom and see Tre'. :3
When we started to head to Orlando the weather was terrible. D:
It was super windy and rainy.
About half way there is cleared up and looked really nice outside.~
We were at the mall from about 3PM - 8PM.
And these are the things I got!

GazettE's NIL cd.

MAC Pink Poodle lipglass.

Pink, green, and purple jacket.
It look so 80's and nice. *u*

Hello Kitty sailor sweather.

Grey leopard print cardigan.

And a pink hat!
On Sunday night I bought a new sketchbook.

This is the first piece of art in my book. :D


  1. All your new clothes look so cuuuute :3
    I especially like that cardigan ♥
    Can't wait to see new outfits with your new items!

    And new drawings in your new sketchbook!
    I've eyed that specific one for a long time because of the painting they used for the cover but I never got one Dx

  2. aww i'm envy for your NIL cd >www<
    that pink-green-purple jacket is sooo cute*-*

  3. The pink/green/purple jackeeeeeet!!! *____*
    Love everything you've bought missy. <33