I haven't posted in forever! (@ n @ ;)
At least it feels that way.~
I've been in Orlando at Tre's a lot lately because I willbe moving there soon.
Also, nothing interesting has really been happening!
I should hopefully have more to post about seeing at MegaCon and my birthday are coming up. :D

So I think I'll be getting this phone soon. c:
I want to change the case, so no R2D2 for long!


  1. You are very active on Tumblr, though! :D I've been following you there for a few days now and I love (love love) your Tumblr!

    Aww, you don't want R2? I think the case is fabulous! <3

  2. @Electro
    Yes, I'm very active on Tumblr. xD
    Glad you enjoy it!

    It's not that I don't like R2 or Star Wars, but I'm not like, a huge fan of it. :0
    So even though the case is cute, I wouldn't want it like that forever.