Style Idols!

Style Idols:
♥ Yuka & Vani
Shiina Mio
♥ Ryutaro
♥ Saeko Chiba


  1. I agree with Mio, and the 6%DOKIDOKI shop girls Yuka and Vani~ I'm not really sure who everyone else is though, besides Ryutaro and Neeko. xD

  2. @Seana
    Mio, Yuka, & Vani and like my top style idols. *u*
    Shiina Mio is an ex-member of I band I use to like called Canzel, I just think he is the cutest. ;w;
    Dai-chan is like, an internet otaku idol. xD
    Saeko Chiba is my favorite gyaru, and Takula is one of my favorite lolitas.
    I doubt you cared to know the others, but I felt like explaining. :'D

  3. Goodness, I feel so incredibly honored to be mentioned with all these amazingly wonderful persons! I don't deserve that! ;;

    Except for Ryuutarou & Dai-chan ((and me, ahum) I know too little about the other two) I have to agree, though. +Shiina Mio, I almost forgot about him, though I used to really like him, especially when he was still with Delphinium. But Canzel is still one of the few Japanese bands I still love to listen to, haha <3

    But anyway~
    THANK YOU! Thank you so much for honoring me like that! You made my day with this ;;

  4. @Natsi
    Me too! c:
    It's great!

    ♥Well your style is icrediable!
    I think you dress so lovely even out of lolita/decora/fairy-kei.~

    It's too bad Canzel disbanded. ;A;
    Though, the members just got together and made a new band that sounds pretty much identical to Canzel. xD

    I'm glad I could contribute to making your day good.

  5. @King
    Meh~ you're too nice to me ;; ♥♥♥

    They did? My, I'm so not up to date with all this stuff anymore! But that's really a pity. But if they got together anyway they could've just changed their name or something? That's weird /D
    What's their new band called then?
    (Speaking of Canzel, I kind of feel like listening to Henzel :D"")

  6. @Mio

    Yeah, I'm not to sure why they broke up in the first place.
    Their new band is called UNiTE.
    You can listen to some song previews on their site. :D