shopping post~! :3

I finally went shopping again!
It always feel so nice to go shopping. :D
This is what I got:

Gorillaz shirt - Dead Space 2 shirt - Polka dot shorts - B&W skirt - Red Military style dress - .hack//sign dvds

Hello Kitty wallet - Sanrio stamps - HK mirror - HK coin purse

Last Exile dvd - Anchor ring - Rose earrings - Leopard ring & zipper ring

I was so shocking to find Junjou Romantica at f.y.e!
I had to buy it. *u*


  1. Loving that anchor ring and the red dress :DD and girrrrl you gonna be having a field day with them Junjou dvds!

  2. Unf unf unf. That red dress. I need it in my life. haha.

    And .hack! : D I LOVED that series. Grats on all the awesome purchases~