Hello everyone!
I'm actually not dead, I've just been super busy with work. @@;
That being said, I haven't really had much to blog about.
But, the other day I did try doing my makeup differently, not that you can really tell but-.

This is what I wore that day.

And a friend brought up that I looked thinner. :3

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  1. wow, you look so elegant and adorable!

  2. Your legs are STUNNING! *U* love all your outfits, so adorable.

  3. Huh-- it does look like you lost a bit of weight. o: Congrats! Were you trying to diet or whatevs? Or was it sort of a surprise to notice?

    And that top in your outfit's adorable~~.

    Your makeup? Hm-- it looks somewhat toned down to me, maybe? It's as well and precisely done as always, but less dramatic, I think.