I'm wishing.~♪

So the semi-cooler Florida months are just around the corner. ( * v*)/
Which means, I can finally go back to Disney!
Going in the warmer months is a killer, seriously.
So Nachi, Carlos, Tre', and I have been planning to go back together
This time though, we plan to all wear kigurumis. :D
Nachi & Carlos have matching Stitch and Angel ones, so Tre' and I want to get matching Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma ones.

Aren't they so cute?
Hopfully wishin the next few months I can get them.
So in recent years I havn't watched near as much anime as I use to, but yesterday I finished the series No.6.

I had seen a lot of .gifs and fanart from the series on Tumblr, so I decided to watch it.
It was good, it had its cute parts and the parts that make you all sad, and I enjoyed it over all.
It's only 11 episodes, so it's a fairly short series, I watched it in 2 days.

So I've been a lolita fan for years, but its not until this year that I've finally had a job that could possibly pay for some of things I want.
I'm really thinking about getting this as my first lolita dress.
I'm not a brand stickler, so it all works out for me. c:
And sailor lolita is one of my favorites.
And I'll end this post with silly .gifs of myself.~


  1. i love the korilakkuma one ; w ; i want a kigurumi too but they're too expensive!

  2. I have exactly the same Korilakkuma kigurumi!
    It's so comfy~ ♥

  3. cute! I want to go to disneyworld so bad, Florida's is so much bigger!