030412 | this weekend!

So this Saturday and Sunday I got hangout with my Mom and my younger brother. :D

Since moving out almost a year ago,I've seen them maybe 5 times. ;;

I can't believe my brother is fifteen now! Where has the time gone?

So,this is what I wore today, nothing too flashy.~

We went to eat and the mall.
We also went to a small car show.
After the mall we can back home and said our goodbyes, I hope I can see them again soon~.
And rewinding to Friday, this is how I looked!

I actually found a red lipstick that doesn't look really bad on me! :>


  1. omg, you look so lovely in your second outfit. and man, the red lipstick looks GREAT on you! juicy lips ;A;

  2. Love your jacket! *-*