EOS Super Neon Violet Review (redo)

So I wanted to re-do this review since I didn't really like the first one.
I bought these lenses from http://www.kiwiberry1-collection.com/ last year.
They are $20 plus shipping, which I personally think is great, specially for the quality of these lenses.
I've actually had mine over a year now, and I am still able to wear them, though, I do not recommend that to anyone else, I just personally haven't had any trouble with them though I plan to get a new pair soon for safe measures!
They are a gogeous violet with a black ring on the outside.
They blend amazing with my light eye color.
I've actually been asked quite often if they are my real eyes, haha.
I absolutely love them and recommend them!

Color - ★★★★★
Design - ★★★★★
Comfort - ★★★★✰
Overall - ★★★★★

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