Precious ghouls! Sorry for being gone for so long. ;A;
I just kind of got caught up in other things and neglected my blog, again. (    |||. _.)
BUT, good news is, I'm back and I hope to start updating more!

So how was everyone's Halloween?
Good I hope!
Mine unfortunately wasn't that fun again. ;^;
I had really hoped to make this Halloween much better that the last few ones, but I always have next year!
I went as a dead nurse again, for the the 6th year in a row. (lol I should really change it up)
What did you guys dress up as? *u*
Carrying on~, yesterday I went to the Orlando Japanese Festival for the 2nd year in a row.
It's a nice little festival that has yummy food.
Unfortunately I didn't take many photos this year, so I can only show you guys what I wore.
My outfit was fairy-kei inspired, and I was quite happy with it~!
Now let me tell you guys about my latest music obsession!
EXO M.(I do recommend you check out EXO K and just EXO period)

Tre' actually just bought me their mini-album and I'm totally in love.
They are very talented, and not to mention good looking.
My bias is Tao, I mean, do you see that face? (◡‿◡)

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  1. I was a zombie! ... again. For about the forth year running. I can't seem to find another costume I like better....