The reds!

As I'm sure as you guys have noticed,I'm almost always wearing red lipstick.

It's kind of funny because I actually use to only wear pink lipstick because I thought red looked bad on me,but that had certainly changed in recent years!
So I thought I would make a post about the red lip colors I have and basically mini-review them all.~
This is what they look like on my lips,unfortunately I couldn't quite capture the differences in some colors/textures due to lighting. (also pardon how strange my lips look in some of the photos. u_u)

NYC 309 Sheer Red
Color: Brown/Red
Texture: Creamy
Longevity: Needs to be reapplied often,specially after eating.
Price/Where to buy: $1/CVS,WalMart,etc.
*this was my starter red,and I wore it all the time

MaryKay Firecracker 3H21
Color: Intense bright red
Texture: Very Creamy/smooth (makes my lips feel great)
Longevity: Needs to be reapplied every so often,mainly after eating.
Price/Where to buy: $18/ Here
*this is one of my favorite reds I own,it's super vibrant and feels so nice on

Rimmel London Kate 01♥ 
Color: Deeper shade of red
Texture: Smooth,but it clumps up a little.
Longevity: Needs to be reapplied every so often,mainly after eating.
Price/Where to buy: Less than $10/Check here
*due to this clumping a bit,I don't wear it too often

Mary Kay Rock N' Red 3H18
Color: Intense bright red
Texture: Glossy but not sticky
Longevity: About as long as a normal lipgloss
Price/Where to buy: $14/Here
*I only really wear this over red lipstick and it's a great gloss

MAC Brave Red
Color: Rich red
Texture: Creamy
Longevity: Lasts longer than normal lipstick/doesn't need to be redone often
Price/Where to buy: $16/Here
*Love this red a lot,I really recommend it

MAC Russian Red
Color: Close to a true red
Texture: Matte
Longevity: Lasts a really long time,even after eating.
Price/Where to buy: $16/Here 
*This lipstick is highly recommended by about everyone who wears it

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics NSFW♥ 
Color: True red
Texture: Matte but it doesn't feel very matte on the lips
Longevity: Lasts sooo long,you barely have to touch this up ever
Price/Where to Buy: $18/Sephora,Here
*I loveeee liptars,I recommend using this with a lip liner since it does bleed

And here are some photos so you can see the colors/textures better and see how they last when wiped away with tissue.
I hope was helpful to anyone who wants to try out red lipstick or was looking for some new options!image

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