GEO Nudy Violet Lenses Review.

This is a review on a pair of contacts I ordered from http://www.facebook.com/#!/barbielovelove?ref=ts

I have natural light eyes, so I thought I would try them out.
This is how they are suppose to look (note her natural eye color is brown:

This is how they turned out on me:

As you can see they don't really have that pretty purple color on my eyes, and a good portion of my nautal color shows.
They did enlarge my eyes a bit (14.5) , and I did have a faint purple halo underneath.
They look nothing like the original picture on light eyes, though on dark eyes they look a lot different.
I would not suggest these lenses to people with lighter eyes, but I would suggest if you do want lenses that buying them from Ceramic Barbie is nice.
I had no problem with making the order/shipping and the price was reasonable. :)

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