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So this weekend wound up being really busy guys, so I didn't make any new tutorials. ;^;
I know, I'm horrible!
But I will make one this week, that's a
Anyways, after reading my friend Jen's
blog I want to do some album reviews. :)
I will do these sometimes for albums I've been listening to / new ones I've listened too.

She - Coloris
01. Coloris - I loveee this song! I think it was a really great song to pick for the 01 spot. I could listen to it over & over again. ( I actually have too!) 02. Circuit Lover - Love this song! It really nice to sing along too, and the beggining beat come from a Daft Punk song I love.
03. Orbit - Omggg, this song is so beautiful! ;w; The lyrics are great too. Its also very relaxing.
04. Gum - This song is fun and makes me want to dance!
05. Tokyo Nights - Another great song that I like to sing too! I think it puts you in a good mood.
06. Monochrome - Not my favorite song off the album. Its another slow one, but I just don't like it as much. Is it bad? No.
07. Fuse - 'She music gonna make it go faster' Gahhhh, this song makes me want to dance badly! Deff. makes up for #6.
08. Autumn Im Space - This song is just a nice and relaxing;. It makes me want to lay outside and watch clouds float by.
09. In Time - Another good song, not my favorite though.
10. Destination Luna4 - I love this song.~ Lovely vocals and nice beat.
11. Together - Just a nice relaxing beat.
12. Touch & Go - This is a fun song to listen too, specially while walking.
13. Reality - This song is soooo relaxing! I could just sleep to it.
14. Distort Into Me - Good song, but not one of my favs.
Album Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5
If you like dancey, fun music, but also like relaxing, this album/artist is good for you.
I think everyone should go support She fa'sho!

Plastic Tree - Puppet Show
01. Intro - Just skip the into, its nothing but background noise/talking.
02. May Day - May Day is a good song. :D Makes me want to get us a dance.
03. Reset - Another good song. It gets me excited.
04. Zetsubou no Oka - Ryuutarou's angel voice starts to shine in this song. *v*
05. Gentou Kikai - This song is relaxing. The begginging is just lovely and so is the whole song. Also a nice song if you're in a thinking mood.
06. Nukegara - This song seems slow at first, but it picks up. I like how the mixed the softness of the rest of the song with the louder chorus. 07. Hontou no Uso - Nice song that is faster than #6. I enjoy the bass is this song also.
08. Monophobia - I absoluetly love this song. Everything about it. Its so great, from beggining to end. It makes me want to get up and dance or break things. xD
09. Cream - Like #8, I love this song. It makes me feel better when I'm in a bad mood. I love walking to Cream in a rainy day because I just don't even notice the rain.
10. Sangatsu Ituska - Starts out slow, but you can feel the heavy atmosphore of this song. I really enjoy it.
11. Circus - This goes in the catagory with #8 and #9. I love this song. Around 3:55 it gets so great. I just want to listen to it over and over again.
Album Rating: ★★★★☆ 4/5
This album is great and I love to listen to it.
It has a song to listen to for every mood you are in. :)

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