Darlings! D:
I'm so sorry for the lack of updates.
My skin has been hating me lately so I've been avoding taking pictures.
Thus why I haven't posted any tutorials or other things. ;U;
I'm hoping my skin trouble will dissapear when Mother Nature decides to leave me for the month. (.__.;)
I thought I would tell you guys about what I've been obsessing over all week. *w*
Junjou Romantica!

Has anyone here read/watched it?
I think its the cutest thing ever.
Its a yaoi that revolves around three different couples, and I love them all.
I've actually gotten my boyfriend into loving it also, haha!
When we were watching it we were like, "OMG SO CUTE. (*///*)"
So if you guys want to read it check it out
You can watch the anime on Youtube. :0
I highly suggest it if you was to feel all mushy, ha. :3

So that has been my recent obsession.~
If anyones winds up reading/watching it, tell me. 8D
I could always use a Junjou Romantica buddy!
Anwayssss, tomorrow I'm going to be having a girl's day.
I'm going to see my beloved friends Nachi & Jen.

So I should be posting pictures about our adventure soon.

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