I got my honey back. ♥

So yesterday I drove to Orlando to pick up my boyfriend.
He had been gone a week and I missed him badly. D:
You see, he's been living with me for about a year .
So I'm use to seeing him a lot, so I get lonely when he's not around.
We went out for a date, because we haven't been on one in a long time.
First we went out to eat at Chilli's.
We had a really nice waitress and the food was yummy.
Then after eating we went to a nice plaza and got boba tea at Lollicup.

The plaza was really cool, they had a nice comic store and a cool clothing store.
I wouldn't mind living around that area. :D
After that we went to Books-A-Million where one of the workers was checking me out.
I was holding Tre's hand and everything!
The nerve of some people, haha.
But after the long drive home it was nice to just be with him.
I'm so glad he's back home. C:

What I wore:


  1. Was the clothing store called Reign? :D My boyfriend lives within that area, I like it a lot more then my area. I'm glad you guys had fun! I love your outfit girl!

  2. @Jen
    Yesssss. *U*
    I was so glad they had TokiDoki stuff.
    Thanks girl! ♥
    I had a lot of fun.