shopping. c:

So today I hungout with my mom. 8D
We ate and AppleBees then we did a little big of shopping.
First we went to Target and I found the cutest dress. *w*

I'm such a sucker for sailor things! ;U;
Btw, I added the belt to the outfit, it didn't come with it.
I bought some socks too.

Next we went to Ross.
And I found the perfect dress!
But it was too much for my budget. D:
$25 was just too much for me.

I also bought some bleach for me hair so I can get my roots covered and make my blonde lighter. :)


  1. I love those socks! Target is so amazing, I buy a pair of tights there every time I go. :P

  2. Cute dresses and socks! And I love all your necklaces <3
    I knew you were in Target when I saw that red circular seat xD
    Gosh, you are tall! I know how short I look in those mirrors x]

  3. I loooove the socks! :D Especially the stary ones!

  4. aw~ both dresses are so cute. :O ♥

  5. @Mandie
    Yes. :D
    I usually only go their for tights/socks.

    Thankyou! C:
    I'm 5'9".

    Thanks. :>

    I wish I could have bought them both. ;w;

  6. I love the sailor one, but the target one is so cute. ;_; <3 I hope when you return to target again, you're able to get.

  7. Nice pics