So this lovely dress may come into my possession. ( * w * )
At least I'm really hoping it will!
If I save up the rest of the month I should be able to get it.
I've been eyeing it for awhile now. c:
Let's hope all goes well!

Hopefully I will get a job soon too~!
I'm going to go on an applying spree tomorrow.
Oh please universe, let all go well! ( ; A ; )


  1. >/////<

    I'm dying to see it on you,
    and I hope for the best girl!

    and yes, Universe! Be fair to my
    home girl. ;-; Btw, is there a Kmart
    near you? My cousin has piercings on
    her face and funky hair and she works
    there as a cashier. :D Have Kmart be one
    of your stops!

  2. HI !
    This dress is really cute, but if I can give you an advice, take care about the price !
    Because this dress is a replica of a Baby the Stars shine bright one.
    Here with apron http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3445/3961781911_23172c7a7e_m.jpg
    here in black http://media.photobucket.com/image/BTSSB%20alice%20chess%20dress/SeriSapphie/wishlist/2535580889_0abd8f9179.jpg
    I can't find the white one.
    They were selling the one you want here (the replica one)
    but it's Out of stock.
    Take care about the price they ask you for the dress. As it's a replica the price is better than the real one, but some seller overpriced them.
    Hope I helped. ^^
    See you !