Layout update.

Hello darlings. :3
I just updated my layout & header.
Lots of thanks to
Jen for helping me out. ♥
I enjoy it quite a lot. ( ' u ' )
What do you guys think?
On another note, I should be updating with new tutorials soon.

(me & Princeston )


  1. I can't stop looking at your two bears drinking from a cup. <33

    Princeton looks so adorable. ;-; His eyes, they got me!

  2. That's my favorite part. :3

    Princeston is so cute. :D
    And actually its a she btw.
    Everybody thinks she's a boy from her name and beard. xD

  3. Oh! o.o Yeah! I thought by her name that she was a he. xD haha, and the beard contributed to that assumption for me too. ~_~