Hello everyone. :D
I hope you all are well.
And even though things aren't good finacially, I'm feeling better.
I'm so glad I have a wonderful boy like Tre' to support me.
He seriously is my biggest supporter, and I love him with all my heart!♥
I can't wait to give him big hugs and kisses when he gets back home.
But anyways, yesterday my friend showed me this amazing site,
I love so many things on this site! ( ~ * U *)~
I mean, just look at it all! And they sell the
Monomania shirt I'm in love with.
Its too bad the site doesn't ship to the U.S. ; that kills me. ;A;
AsiaJam sells some of Rowky's items, I'm hoping more come in.~
But while I'm on the subject of clothing, I plan to start buying clothes from Goodwill and making them fabulous. c:
I already have some ideas of what I want to make.
I'm ready for the winter months so I can layer more! Haha.
Now onto the subject of hair, and not any hair, my hair. :'D
Next I want to have these colors in my hair,
purple-blue, turqoise-blue, pink, & lavender.
I already have the purple-blue, but I need to go buy the turquoise and lavender.
I also at some point want to buy some extentions, dye them, and curl them. c:
But all of this will only happen if I get a job or start to recieve child support again.
So right now its only words and dreams. ;n;
I'm going to end this post with a doodle I made for my honey-pie, and a picture of us.
Just because I know a lot of you guys haven't seen him yet. :>

FUHfdgusfgsffdfudgf he's so cute. ( ;///;)


  1. I love the little drawing picture at the end. :)

    Your doodle of you and your honey bunny are so cute
    ;o; <3333
    I just got paid for the book yesterday! Soooo gonna go goodwill shopping 8D

  3. Oh the drawing girl, so cute! o////o
    All your ideassss. <3 I hope your
    financial situation gets fixed asap. ;_;
    That way the stress levels can ease on down.