Just a life post.

Hello. c:
Yesterday I finally got out of the house~!
I went and hungout with my friend Nick for a majority of the day.
He's one of my honey's best friends, they call each other brothers. :D
Since dating Tre', Nick and I also became good friends.
Anyways, we went to the movies and saw
It wasn't a bad movie at all! Very suspenseful.
Through half of the movie we talked about how cool and handsome Joseph Gordon-Levitt looked.
I mean, he really looked sharpe and cool. *u*
After the movie we went and ate at KFC.
It was yummy, but the place was so nasty and unclean. D:
After that we went back to his house and played a video game.
It was nice to get my mind off of things that plaque me at my house.

Other than that, all I have to update is about my darling moving out. ( ; A ; )
Its not for any bad reasons! We are still together.
Just, things will be better for him at his Dad's house, specially with how things are here.
I will miss him like fucking crazy! I already miss him now and he's only been gone a week and a half.
I just have to keep telling myself its for the better and that we will still visit eachother.
And its not a permenant solution, its just until we can save up enough to move out on our own.
So as of right now, I'm holding up okay, two days ago I was falling apart. ;^;

"However far away, I will always love you."


  1. ;__; girrrl. If he has a webcam, force him to go talk to you on skype. I hope for the best love, that shit ain't easy. D:

    lmao at the nasty KFC. xD;

  2. aw

    youre so cute! <33 ^-^