Body Image

So I don't like my body at all really. ( .___. )
BUT, I plan to change that.
I'm tired of looking at myself in the mirror and thinking I'm 'fat' or that my body in 'unattractive'.
I've been chubby even since I was young, so I've never really felt skinny.
And I know a lot do the reason I feel chubby is because the people I look at as 'super attractive' are all skinny and gorgeous.
Well, at least in my eyes they are.
I can't help but compare myself to them and feel unattractive.
But I've decided I'm done just saying I'm going change my body, I'm really going to this time.
Why? Because I'm so fucking tired of not doing what I say I will.
I don't want to be disappointed in myself anymore, and I want to like my body.
I want to stop saying, "Oh if I was thinner I would look so much better in this." or "If I was thinner I could fit into this."
I'm done with that.
So let's watch me change into someone more confident. :>

(my current body size)

(body sizes I want to get closer to)

And don't worry, I don't want to be SUPER skinny.
I just want to be thinner, 20-30 pounds I would say. :D
Those pictures are just what I want to get my body close to, I know my body isn't built like their's so I don't want to be exactly
that thin.


  1. if you want to lose some pounds, only shoot for 10 pounds and don't look to lose fat, look to toning up what you already have.

    30 pounds is actually unhealthy. you wouldn't look like those girls at all. you'd have skin hanging from your body, not tight to your stomach and you'd be even more upset than you are now. your hair would get dull and fall out. your skin, know how your skin is clear and amazing right now? it would become dull and ashen.

    wanting to lose 30 pounds at your body type is actually rather unhealthy and constitutes as an eating disorder >:

    i want you to feel good about yourself, i really do. but i know that if you lose too much weight, or try to and fail, you'll only be more and more upset. you're so beautiful the way you are now. just tone up, don't work on actually dropping so much weight. spend more time at the gym doing weights and stretches or yoga and less time fretting about having to change yourself completely.


  2. @kodonaa
    We'll just see how shit goes. :D
    I just want to find a happy place for my body.
    Losing 30 does sound like a bit much, but when I wrote this it didn't. xD
    I was just like, "OH YEAH! -fired up-"
    Oneday I will be happy with my body, I just know it.

  3. Hey, I know how you feel, but I think you have a gorgeous body. :)

  4. I agree with just toning up around the area(s) where it bothers you the most. It all depends on your body type, height and etc for you to really find out how much weight you can lose to get where you want to be.
    Find out what is the appropriate weight for someone your height and age.

    Girl keep that motivation strong!

  5. @Miu
    Thankyou! :D

    I do want to tone shit up.
    But I also want to lose a little.

  6. i think you have a cute shape! you shouldnt do anything else than stay like this! hope you will think about it again - cause to maintain such a low weight if you already have been more - it is really REALLY difficult. you have to make a lot of sport everyday - and almost eat nothing. just be healthy and have fun with eating. its something you should enjoy with ppl around you - and you are obviously not fat or anything like it - you are sweet and cute and beautiful how you are :)