So I think I might have a heart attack. D:

This has been one of my dream JSK's since I first saw it.
I've been craving to have it for awhile now, and today I found a plesant surprise.
A seller is selling a replica for $71.
And its a seller that has great ratings and reviews.
So I'm like, "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! -heart races-"
Only downfall is, I don't have the damn money. (Q A Q )
I feel so dissapointed. :c
I'm hoping it will still be available once I get the money, but who knows when that will be. :C


  1. its so beautiful O¬O
    why dont you email the seller and explain that you are a serious buyer and ask for them to put one on hold for you?

  2. @Iku
    I might. ;W;
    Only thing is, I won't have to money all month. /:

  3. Wonder Cookie is one of my dream prints as well. I especially love that halter version. Resist the replica and save up for the real deal. :)

  4. @Role
    Yeah. :D

    Its amazing print. *u*
    But I will NEVER be able to save up for the real one, seriously.
    Specially not when I don't have a job. D: