Haircut. :D

Yep. :3
I finally got it done.
It had just grown out so I needed it cut.
I'm not sure when I'll get a different haircut.
I just don't know how I would want it. :0
So until then, I will keep getting it just this way, because I like it.


  1. You're hair fades into the coolest shades of colors. <33
    I like this haircut a lot for you. :'3 and it seems like hair always grows faster when it's a lot shorter. :'(

  2. D: GRAWWRR.
    I want a short haircut, but I'm growing mine out for a cosplay. FFFF. Evil cosplay. I should just cut it anways. IT'S WHAT WIGS ARE FOR. xDDD <33 Anyways, adorable hair. *o* I love the color <33