"Don't sweat it! I'm a skeleton!"

So yesterday me and my mother went shopping again. :D
We went to Hobby Lobby and I bought stuff my sweater and for scrap booking!
I've wanted to make scrap booking one of my hobbies for awhile now.
My first scrap book will be dedicated to me and Tre's relationship. :3
I got the idea from my friend Mike, she did the same thing.~
I've already got page one done, and I think I will give it to him on our 2 year anniversary.
Even though that's 8 months away. (@ A @ ;)
Anyways! Last night I made this sweater~!
I bought a plain black sweater and added the skeleton to it; isn't it cute?♥

I also got this super adorable vest yesterday!
I absolutely love it. *u*

Other than that, I finally set a date to take my cosmetology exam. DDD:
I'm so fucking scared!
Its been months since I've been out of class, and I should have taken it a lot earlier.
But wish me luck for next Friday! I really hope I pass it. ;A;


  1. ^__^ I've been wanting to do a Disney Scrapbook. Idk what I want it to look like yet so I haven't started. I'm collecting pictures and things for it in the meantime lol.

  2. Your skeleton sweaterrrrrr. *A* <33333
    Omggg I love it!

    Girl! Good luck on your exam! :DD

  3. @V
    Thanks. c:


    Yeah. :D
    Scrapbooking is fun, but there are so many things you can do its hard to choose. ;w;

    Thankyou! :DDD
    I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

    Thankyou! I need all the luck I can get. ;A;

  4. Oh gawd-- that outfit at the end makes me jealous of your ability to look cool. o.o That vest is to die for~.

    Not to mention that your hair colour(s) have become part of your coords. <3

    Anyway, thanks for the follow: I've followed back, so I'll be getting caught up, now.

  5. @Noxin
    Haha, thankyou!
    It was on sale for $12. ( * u * )
    I was so excited!
    Haha yes! My hair is a huge part of my life.~

    Well thankyou. c:
    I like your contact lens reviews a lot!