St. Augustine Pt.1

So today I went with my mother & Kolby to St. Augustine.
St. Augustine is a very lovely place, and I would love to go there just to take photos. :3
But we went to look around a little and shop some.
Here are some pictures from the day.~

(my mother and I)

(super cute picture I bought for when I move, I love it!)

(Nurse Minnie, I wanted this so badly! ;A;)

(my outfit. LOL I know I posted this outfit like 2 days ago, but I didn't actually wear it out then)

(cute bikes!)
All in all it was a pretty good time. :>
I have some more things to post that I got, but I didn't feel like taking pictures of it when I got home.
I will probably post pt. 2 of this tomorrow. :)
I should also be posting a makeup review on 3 lovely makeup items I got.
Bye for now~!


  1. The skeleton portrait is so cute! :D
    Dancing skeletons!~

    The nurse minnie. o.o; Both of your favorite things, how much did she cost? D:

  2. @Jen
    I thought so too! <3
    It was love at first sight!

    It was $40. ;W;
    I was devestated.

  3. Its nice to see you being so determined about the move! your house looks like its gonna be fun to look at.

    Nurse Minnie is expensive o_o it hurts.