September 10th

September 10th was me and Tre's 1 year and 4 month anniversary.
We usually don't celebrate by months, but for some reason we did today.
It was super nice too! Today was literally the best day I've had in awhile.
This is how I looked. :D

We went to Gaineville for a few hours and ate ate one of the favorite places,
Bento Cafe'.
My food was delicious! ( * W * )
And Tre's food looked so nice.~

After Bento's we walked around and sat in a bookstore and Best Buy for awhile.
I looked at these cool tattoo magazines while at the bookstore.

These two were my favorite tattoos I saw. *u*
Makes me exited to get more this month!
After that stuff we got to see my cute friend Jak. c:
I think I've called her cute like 23012364316494 times today. D:
I'm a creeper.
Oh and Jak, "What are you watching? They aren't moving!" FUCK HIM.
It was so great telling that guy we hated him. Hahaha.~
After seeing Jak we headed home and watched the ever so romantic, Friday the 13th Part 4.
I fucking loveeeee Friday the 13th. ( and Tre' )

Happy ending.

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  1. I friggin love your outfit.
    That guy needs to go die.