\-ˈfesh-nə-ˌli-zəm, -ˈfe-shə-nə-ˌli-\
1: the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.

No where in that definition does it say 'a cetain hair color and lack of piercings/tattoos'.
I honestly don't think having fun hair colors,tattoos, or piercings makes you any less professional.
"Omg he/she has a piercing, that obviously means they won't work hard, if not harder, than someone who doesn't have any!"
That's pretty much what people are saying.
I think that is honestly fucking stupid.
I personally know I would work laps around people at my job.
My hair color,tattoo, and piecrings aren't going to stop me.
/end rant


  1. Preach it! Just because a gift is packaged all special-like doesn't always mean that it's going to contain good contents. Society needs to catch up with the times, people want to express who they are nowadays since we have that freedom now. but people can't because it's a 'not so professional thing' to do.

  2. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to think that people with piercings and/or tattoos are not reliable or professional. :/ It's sad. I have tattoos as well as piercings, and I've had problems with that as well. I've studied to be a teacher, and while I was still working at a school, the headmaster insisted that I take all my piercings out before I go to class and put them all in again in the afternoon. Of course, they became inflamed and it was a really enervating issue.
    I felt ridiculous for having to do this, while I was standing in front of classes in which 50% of the students were pierced. Meh.

    I would really love for people to just look over this superficial stuff and see if the person behind the metal/ink is a good worker, trustworthy and professional in what they do.

    /end rant #2

  3. Luckilly for me, I've had 2 previous jobs where it didn't matter what hair colour I had, how much makeup I wore and how many piercings I had, but now I work in a supermarket and it's natural hair colours only and no piercings (except I am getting away with covering my ear piercings with my hair and I wear small studs in my lip piercings and my nose piercing)
    I just bought a reeeeeeeeally freaking good wig (from ebay, came to about $17 including postage)
    so now I can happily wear that for work and dye my actual hair :D YAY.
    If you don't want to sacrifice your hair colour, it's worth investing in a cheap wig for work.
    As for piercings, wear retainers. Get through the interview looking "plain" and then if you get the job, after working there for a while and learning the company policies and seeing what other members of staff look like, start to introduce more individual elements to your work attire :)
    It's so easy to cover up and I know you probably feel like you shouldn't have to because that's how I feel! However, if it gets you a job which gets you money, it's all good :)
    I hope that helps, message me if you want shop names etc, I'll dig em out for you :)