shopping post~!

So yesterday I got to do a little shopping with my mom. :D
You see, recently things are looking up at my house money-wise.
Its feels so nice not worrying about it anymore; I was so stressed!
But this is what I got:

1 necklace, 2shorts, 3 cool looking jars ( for when me and Tre' move out) , 5 panties, 1 shirt, 1 coat (which also has a hood in the back. *u*)
I also got 2 bras. :D
It was fun to shop again and actually hangout with my mother.♥


  1. Love I'm so glad things are getting better! <33 And you got some really nice stuff! I love the panties and the jacket! :'3

  2. Oh finally things are looking up! So happy.
    I was worrying like crazy for yous!
    Woo I fell in absolute LOVE with the blue shorts and the Jacket.