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So this is just a little photo dump. :>
All these photos are from today.
I first started off by taking pictures bring comepletly natural. (no makeup, hair a mess)
Me and my friend
Lorina have been talking a lot about how makeup and whatnot do not make the person.
I think you all should go read her post on it
But anyways, I took the first set of picture with that in mind.
I know personally I am working on gaining confidence.
I want to look in the mirror and think,
"Wow, I'm pretty, and not just while wearing makeup."
I can tell I'm getting better about it, and it makes me so happy.

The second set of picture I took for a makeup contest. :3
You had to re-create a makeup look that was shown.
If I win, I will get
Lime Crime makeup for free. *u*
So I hope I win!
If not, oh well, at least I tried.~

And lastly, my nails. :D
I re-did them, and yeah they are a bit messy, but I can fix that.

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