Revenge is Sweet

So the MAC Venomous Villians Collection came out, and its already pretty much sold out of everything!
Of course being a MAC and Disney fan I absolutely love the collection. :D
The collection is based around 4 villians, my favorite being Maleficent.
When I was out this weekend I happened to be lucky enough to get my hands on Revenge is Sweet.
Revenge is Sweet is a lip gloss that looks more purple in the container but comes out a lovely pink shade.
I personally enjoy it a lot.
This is what it looks like in the container (right):

And this is how it looks on my lips.
This lip gloss is also great to put over lipstick.


  1. ooh I like that color a lot. I love that they chose Dr. Facilier as one of the villain, he's amazing.

  2. @Geeky
    Yeah me too. :D
    I really like his part of the collection.

  3. Uggghhh I need to get my own, I reall really love her eyeshadow sets X3 the lipgloss looks great

    D: I hope by the time I go to Mac they still have some, or atleast have restock on the way!