Hello darlings!
How have you all been?
So, I may have a job! *u*
I don't know if you guys are familiar with the store Ross, but that's where I may work.
I went to a group interview a few days ago and I got a call that night from them saying they wanted to check my background then get back to me.
They woman who interviewed me seems to really like me. :D
So I'm thinking I will have a job soon.♥
I really,really,really, hope so!
I need a job badly.~
I will make sure to tell you guys as soon as I know if I got the job or not.
Aside from job hunting, I've just been Lookbookin' it up.
I made a Lookbook a few days ago, if any of you guys have one feel free to 'fan' me.
Anyways, this is an outfit I wore today.

Also today I went to the gym!
I'm going to start going because I want to change my body, but you guys already know that.
It felt so nice to actually work towards my goal and not just that about it


  1. Good luck home girl.~ I believe you got it though. :]

  2. Oh child Ross be our stompin' grounds! I hope you're able to get the job. ;_; You'll have first dibs on all the nice stuff that comes in!

    Btw child I love LOVE this outfit. Especially when you have my favorite color in yo hair. :'3 <33

  3. You're so lucky~ *has been trying to work at ross or months now*
    Good luck with your workout regimen! I know how hard it is to keep it up Dx