So, I felt it was time to change my hair.

And so I did. :D
It's refreshing to have a change.
Next change, my body size!
I'm going to start going to the gym.
Anyways, these are my new hair colors:


  1. Amazing! <3
    The darker blue look so perfect.
    I can't stop staring at your fringe. *_*

  2. You're hair is da amazing! :D I love the blue and purple nuances at the side, so cool! >.< You're gorgeous with it! <3

  3. @Jen
    It's actually more of a dark purple irl, but it always looks like a dark blue. xD
    My camera fa'sho makes it a dark blue.
    Yeah, I cut it myself. *u*

    @Darling Beast
    Thankyou so much! ;A;
    It's actually blue and pink. :3