★Disney pt.2

Disney day two. :3
Tre' and I went to Disney again Friday for his sister's birthday.
I was excited to go because it was our anniversary! (1yr & 7months)
It makes me so happy to think we have come this far and overcome so much together.
He really is the only person I want to be with for the rest of my life. :>
ANYWAYS, we went to Hollywood Studios first then Epcot.
Hollywood Studios was spent with Tre' and his father mainly, Celeste & Matt showed up later.
I got to ride the Rockin' Rollercoster four times! *u*
It was fun, specially since I had never been on it.
We looked in shops a lot at Hollywood Studios, and I was so happy to see the Yellow and Red Ranger original outfits from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.
Most of you may not know, but I love that movie, it's one of my favs. :D

While looking at the shops, we went into a Disney art shop.
I was so amazed by the artwork there, it was all so lovely!
Tre' and I really loved there painting by
Jenny Chung.
We plan to buy them if we ever have the money.

I also really liked this painting.

After the art shop we found a little museum dedicated to Walt Disney and his progression/ideas.

When we walked in the first room had nothing but pictures of Walt Disney and the song 'When You Wish Upon a Star' was playing.
I lost it, tears instantly formed in my eyes and I had to lift my head to make sure tears didn't fall.
It was like the instant we walked in over-whelming emotions took over.
I could feel the Disney magic for sure.


We went to Epcot after watching the Beauty and the Beast show.
In Germany I found Snow White.
Snow White is one of my favorite Dinsey Princesses so I freaked out like a little kid.
Unfourtunatly, this Snow White wasn't pretty like I imagine Snow White would be.

After seeing Snow White we headed to Japan and looked in the amazing shop there. c:
I took a picture of my outfit in the mirror there, Tre' is beside me.
He is holding this Kuroshitsuji bag he really liked, you can't see it too well though.

This is what the bag looks like.
We both wish it would have said Kuroshitsuji and not Black Butler.

I plan to get it for him as an extra Christmas present because he picked it up both times we went to the Japan store.
He even asked me how to carry it and practiced in the mirror, it was so cute. *w*
After Japan we pretty much decided to leave because we were all really tired.
Part 3 will be coming tomorrow with pictures of what I bought. :D

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