☆Disney pt.3: the goods~!

So, here is my final entry about my Disney adventures.~
This one is just about what I bought. :D
Thanks to Carlos, everything I got was 50% , expect the shit in Japan, that was only 20%off.
It was so nice not having to pay full price, Disney is pricey!

I got this Hello Kitty letter set and Hello Kitty tote bag in Epoc Japan.

These are the other items I got. :>

I've had my eye on this shirt for at least half a year now, I'm so glad to finally own it. ;3;

I bought this super cute Cinnamoroll bento container Epoct Japan, but I bought it the second day I was at Disney.
Cinnamoroll is my favorite Sanrio character. c:

Leopard print mouse ears.

And these are the cute pins I got. *u*
Minnie dressed as Sally, and ghost Minnie and Mickey for Tre' and I.


  1. I love the pins and the leopard print Mickey ears!
    Hoping I can snag them myself when I go!

    I'm glad you had fun. c:

  2. I adore that shirt you got. It's cute and so are the ears! You're lucky, I wish I could go to Disney.

  3. Oh shiii- That shirt is amazing! Nice find. :D

  4. The HK purse and bento box are looooove!
    And the minnie as sally pin is just plain awesome! :'3