Fox tail tutorial.

So here is the tutorial I promised you guys. :3

You will need: Scissors, Craft Fur (or any fake fur), Glue Gun, and Cotton.

Step 1 - Open fur and flip over to the non-fun side.
Cut a curved line on one side of the fur as shown.

Step 2 - Close the fur, and flip over to the fur side.
Following your previous guide, cut the same curve shape on the other side.

It should look like this when opened up.

Step 3 - Open the fur and flip over to the non-fur side.
Cut a straight line up the side of your fur.

Step 4 - Close and flip to fur side.
Using your guide, cut the same straight line on the other side.

Step 5 - Open and flip no non-fur side.
At the top of your fur, cut a small curve,fox tails aren't square!
Step 6 - Close and flip to fur side.
Cut matching lines to the top and bottom of the fur to match step 1 & 5.

Step 7 - Use hot glue gun to glue the sides of your fur together, leave part of the top un-glued and open.
You can also sew the fur together, I'm just lazy.

Step 8 - Fill the inside of your fur with cotton or any other stuffing you choose.

Step 9 - Glue the rest of your fur together and ta-da, you're done!
I added a cute bow to mine to personalize it.
I hope this tutorial helped!
And if you use this, please make a refrence towards my blog or this post. :3
Also, if you make one, I would love to see it!
Send a picture to my email - pedokingu@yahoo.com


  1. ... so im gonna go to hobby lobby now xDD
    Its so cute~ I especially love the bow

  2. im gonna make me another one soon!! muhahahaha the craft fur looks better than the stuff i used because the stuff you used has a better taper with the fur~

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! Its so cute >w<
    I like how you dyed it.
    The only problem is.. I don't know where to buy fake fur? D:
    I went to Micheal's and they said they didn't have Crafts Fur. ;______;