A day of creating.

Hey-ho everyone~!
Today I felt really inspired to make things, and so I did!
I literally got a huge wind of inspiration out of nowhere, so I jumped up, got ready, and off to Hobby Lobby I headed.

This is what I wore today, and that's how my hair looks atm.
I can't wait for my pretty lilac to reappear. ;A;
Once I got to Hobby Lobby, I only intended to buy things to make my fox tail, $50 later I came out with bags, paint, fur, bows, felt, and hats.
Once I got home, I got right to work on my fox tail.
Fox tails have become a big 'it' item in fashion lately.
From Japan to the States, I've been seeing pictures of them everywhere.
I'm not one to follow every new trend, but damn, they look so cute. ;u;

So here is the tail I made. :D
Isn't it super cute?
I added my own little flair to it by dying it shades of light pink and adding the bow to it.
All in all, the price for making my tail was under $10, which is really good, because if you try to buy one offline, they are around $20-35! (o ^ o )
So, tomorrow, I will be making a tutorial on how to make fox tails~!
I also made two bags today. :3

Aren't they lovely? :>
P.S. I may be hosting a give away soon, see be on the lookout!


  1. Wow, cute foxtail! Can't wait to see a tutorial <3

  2. The bags look fabulous! Especially the one with the stars! <3

  3. Both bags looks so cute! You're really good at making designs! o: Loving how you blended the colors!

    The fox tail looks so awesome, I can't wait to see you make more! <33 and I look forward to your tutorial girl!

  4. @Rei
    Thanks. :D

    Thankyou~! C:
    I really like that one too.

    Thankyou. *u*
    Yay! They are really easy to make.
    And the tutorial is up now!

  5. Those bags are so awesome~! Especially the "wish upon a star" one ( ´ ▽ ` )

    I totally wanna make a fox tail now xDD