Hello~. :3
I'm going to do my best to get back into blogging more!
I think I may change my theme around a bit too. :0
Not that I don't like the one I have now, but looking at
Jen's cute theme, I want to change mine. :>
Anways, today I finally took a few new pictures.
You can actually see that my hair is purple and not blue!

And here is what I wore today for the small date I went on with Tre'.

I felt like dressing a bit different than how I normally do, I really want to have a large variety in my style. c:
I bought that cute military style skirt from work yesterday for $9. *u*
Fuck yeah 20% discount!♥

Oh, and I'm really excited because the Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt soundtrack is coming out!
I really love the music to that series.
You can find the preview
I was so happy to see that TeddyLoid did some of the music, I use to listent to him in 9th grade.


  1. This outfit is the bomb diggity. :D
    Oh god I love it, and no way $9 for the skirt!
    This is why I secretly hoped that you would have a job at a clothing store. <33 Girl, I know through time you'll collect a shitload of awesome stuff from Ross!

    Oh girl I was looking through some sozai web material and I ended up finding some cute shit. o: Girl I say go for it, change it up!

  2. fgjadkfhlkasjdfhakjg.... Oh my God, why do you always look so awesome?! :D
    Your hair is fabulous! <3

  3. @Jen
    Thanks. :>
    I hope so to girl!

    I don't, really! ;A;
    Thanks though.~