Layout update & Disney fun!

So I made a new layout today. *u*
I'm happy with how it turned out.
What do you guys think of it?


So this week, Thurday & Friday, I'm going to beloved Disney!
I'm going Thurday with,
Nachi, her man, & Tre'. :>
It's going to be like a double Disney date!
Then Friday I'm going with Tre', his sister, and her husband.
Friday is his sister's birthday and my 1 year & 7 month anniversary with Tre'!
I will be getting another anniversary pin Friday, I'm excited. :3
I don't know what to wear either day. (@ ^ @ ;)
Hopefully it will be nice weather so I can wear a jacket.


  1. omg. I'm UBER excited for you! :D <333
    I don't know if your there now or if your going next Thursday & Friday.
    Either way, I wish you well and a wonderful time at Disneyland! ♥

    Happy Anniversary! *hug*

  2. Love the layout by the way. lol~ Forgot to mention that. <<

  3. omg!
    you have blogspot! xD
    so cool!your tumblr blog is also so great!
    nyaaa ♥
    The new layout is really cute!

    Love &kisses


  4. @Teddy
    I'm not there now, the Thurs & Fri coming up. :D

    Oh,thankyou! :3
    I followed your blogspot too!~

  5. :DDD YES MA'AM! One of our dreams are coming true! Hehe. I'm so happy

    The layout looks so cute :] Just like YOU.