I'm really excited for Saturday, why you may ask, because, I get to see
this beauty!♥

Isn't she so pretty? ( w )

This is my friend Lorina, and we've known eachother online for 4 years or so?
We will finally be meeting for the first time irl, and I'm super excited/nervous.
We will be meeting in Tampa with a few other girls for a gyaru meetup, though, I won't look gyaru at all. xD;
I will just be like, "Oh hay guys, I don't fit in, yeah!"
Haha, I know it won't be like that, well, maybe look wise.
We will take lots of pictures so be ready for a Sunday spam!


  1. aw is a cute girl! *o* i love here hair!

  2. Her HAIR!!! <3 I want to touch it! (I'm a creeeeep.... :D)

  3. It's funny, 'cause I'm following both of you. You two are so cute.