Tampa Meet-up!♥

So, as you guys know, I met up with Lorina Saturday.
I also got to meet to other gals, Mina & Jacinda.
The meet was really fun, everyone seemed to really click and get along quickly.
I was a little shy at first, but within a few minutes I felt like I was talking to people I'd met before.
Everyone looked amazingly cute & pretty, though I feel like I was the 'ugly friend' of the group. D:
I really really hope we can have another meet up! I would love to see everyone again. :3
So here are the pictures~!
(all taken by Lorina)

The girls: Mina, Me, Jacinda, Lorina.

My outfit.

Lorina - Me - Jacinda

Me - Lorina - Norris

Mina is so cute. ;3;

Since Lorina and Jacinda had their men, Mina and I decided we would be an awesome power couple. >:3
People gave us the strangest looks, it was great.

Strike a pose!

Lorina is so super duper pretty! ( ; A ; )
Omgggg, I was like ogling over her, she just didn't know it. /creep

And lastly, me and my invisible boyfriend.♥


  1. Wow, you all look so great in these pictures. :)

  2. Lol at the power couple! cute post <3

  3. "Ugly friend" my ASS! ♥
    We all had our own styles :] I'm glad you and I matched cause I knew I'd feel out of place other wise and would feel like I should tone down my look but I'm so glad you came! I can't say enough how great it was meeting you in person and how well we all got along :3
    Can't wait to see you again ♥ Maybe next time Tre can be there x]

  4. @순이야 민
    Thanks. 83
    The girls looked fabulous!

    We were an amazing couple. xD

    Yes! It was great finally meeting.
    I really can't wait until we can all meet up again. :3
    And yeah, I hope Tre' can come next time too.~