Saeko Chiba♥

Hello everyone.~
I know I haven't posted in the last few days, but I haven't had much to post about!
So, I thought I would show you guys my favorite gyaru model, Sakochi 'Saeko' Chiba!
I think she is absolutely adorable.

Isn't she just so adphdafhpdshfhg♥?
Haha, I love her.
She almost always has amazing hair and makeup.
Do you like gyaru style? If so, who is your favorite gyaru model?


  1. Teehee :3 I love her colored hair styles.

    Hm. My absolute favorite is Romihi. Her hair, her style, it can be crazy or cute and she still pulls it off. She can do a sweet look and look natural and she can go completely opposite.

    I like doing that myself so naturally she'd be my favorite :3 Plus, she's hella pretty e _e ♥

  2. I love her hair! I would love to dye my hair blue on day! :3