A little update.

I still don't have anything super big to update about. D:
But I thought I would make another mini-update to keep my blog alive!
So the other day I got to hangout with
Mina & Rozu.♥

This is what I wore / how I looked.

We went the mall and then ate a Vietnamese resturaunt.
It was my first time eatinh Viet. food!

I bought this vest while I was out, because I love miliatry style clothing so much. *u*
And while I was out I got a phone call from Forever 21...
Guess who has a job? ME.


  1. Adooorablllee vest. <333

    AND CONGRATS ON THE JOB!! : D (If only I'd get some call-backs, too. >.>' Haha.)

  2. Hi! :D I really like your blog and your style *-*
    One question, I saw u live in florida... any chances u're near tampa bay? 8D I usually go there on summer or winter to see my dad, and I'd love to meet people like you *w*