First say of work / Anniversary.

First off, today is my 2 year anniversary with Tre'!
It's crazy to think we've been together that long, though at the same time it has seemed longer.~
Unfortunatly, we don't have the money to go out today, but we will after I get my first pay check!
I want to get him a nice present too. ;A;

I did make him a small gift, which is this-

A Pikachu shaped card with him favorite things. :3

Yesterday was my first say of work.

This is how I looked.~
Work was tiring, but I'm sure I'll get use to it.


  1. ah the pikachu are very cute^^! and the photos are lovely :3!! cute entry ^^!

  2. He's a cutie! Happy anniversary!!!!

  3. :DDDD aww <333 I love how you're so loving with Tre.

    Loving your new background and banner girl!