Hello everyone!
I feel like I haven't posted in forever. ( e A e;)
How have you all been? I've been okay, just busy and stressed. D:
My new job is tiring and the days feel so long, but hey, pay day will be nice!
But I don't want to dwell on the bad, so let's focus on some good things. :3
My lovely penpal
Maria sent me lots of goodies as a late bday present. ;A;
I love them all!

Isn't it all so lovely? c:
Tre' and I took Horus out for the first time to the pet store~.
He wasn't use to being out, but we plan to take him out more often.

Tre' was showing Horus the other leopard geckos, though they are not near as cute as him. :3

We bought his new purple sand. *u*
He stands out so much against it
I've been so proud of myself lately because I've been going out more without makeup.

I use to feel like I had to wear it when I went out.
It's nice to see I'm growing out of that.

I will start updating more.~


  1. Oohhh- 'grats on the belated bday presents-- not so much on the job-induced stress. But still, aww, Horus is ADORABLE~!! <33

    And it's good to get yourself out of developing a total reliance on makeup. :]] (I had month where I was going in that direction last year until my friend called me on it. Haha.) It's a bit... conspicuous-feeling for the first few times, but then you relax and forget what is or isn't on your face, and remember that you'd spent YEARS (childhood) without a bit of makeup on your face. :D

    TL;DR- Your gecko is adorable, although you definitely win the blue ribbon for cuteness. (With or without makeup.)

  2. dawww, cute stuff! c:
    your gecko is so adorable~