So I feel like I'mn finally accepting my body.
Some days are worst than others, but all around I seem to be thinking,
'Hey, maybe my body isn't so bad.'

I still want to tone up and everything, but it's nice to feel that I don't hate my body.


  1. You have a very beautiful body and face :)! You should accept it!

  2. You're body is perfect darling. You should take care of yourself, love yourself. Because there isn't a person that looks exactly like you. Everyone's different and everyone's special :3

  3. I know that no matter how many people tell you you look fine/pretty/prefect/gorgeous, that it doesn't really do much to change on'es opinion of one's self. (Welcome to being female.... or human, anyway.)

    But, I still have to agree with folks above: you do have a wonderful body. (And personality, and skin, and hair, etc.) I sincerely hope you do reach a place where you're as absolutely sure of this as we are. C:

    ... now if only I could reach that place, too. Haha

  4. hi babe! I think this is the way! you're very wise and beautiful! <3

  5. you're gorgeous with and without clothes :) you have no reason to not like your body, you're the perfect size!